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Industrial and Institutional covers a range of applications where formulations are applied by cleaning professionals with very demanding and specific needs. Surfactants are required to work on the toughest conditions, being chemical stability and formula compatibility very valued properties.

Industrial and Institutional includs:

· Car Care: Surfactants and formulations for the cleaning of vehicles in tunnels or in high pressure stations.

· HORECA: Cleaning products to serve the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering indutries.

· Food & Beverage (CIP, OPC): Surfactants used for the cleaning needs of the food and the beverage industries. That includs the cleaning of the process reactors and the working facilties.

· Industrial degreasers: General degreasing formulations designed to remove organic an inorganic soils.

AKYPO® is the brand name to keep in mind for many Industrial and Institutional applications, covering low foaming and high foaming applications. The AKYPO® family is characterized for showing excellent stability in a broad range of electrotlite, temperature and oxidizing conditions.