Non-ionic surfactants have been used by the detergent industry for many years  and for many different applications. Among the different type of non-ionic surfactants, Kao Chemicals Europe produces a very special group named LEVENOL®.


LEVENOL® is a Glycerine Polyoxyethylene Ester. The different degrees of ethoxylation and esterification provide a wide range of products with many different application properties.

The LEVENOL® range is characterized by its ecological and toxicological advantages when compared with other non-ionic surfactants. The surfactants included in the LEVENOL® range don't need any sentence of risk and safety, and any warnings on its label, even at 100% concentration. This fact makes them very suitable for environmentally friendly detergents, which therefore can achieve better classification according to the European Directive of Preparations (1999/45/EC).

LEVENOL® products are also included in the positive list of Bra Miljöval (good environmental choice) in the Nordic countries.

  • Vegetable origin
  • Liquid - 100% active substance
  • Colourless and odourless
  • Preservative free
  • Totally innocuous for the skin
  • Environmentally friendly

Did you know that LEVENOL® technology permits to reduce global environmental impact not only because of its molecule design, but also because of the benefits that can be obtained when formulating with this materials? Check this information out in the material available in this section.