2021 Sustainability Report

Learn more about how we are contributing to Kao's commitment to care for the people and the environment.
2021 Sustainability Report


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Because men care about their personal care

New trends in personal care products and, of course, also in men’s grooming represent a big challenge both for formulators but also for ingredient suppliers.

Make visible the invisible | DRY TONER

Water is our most precious resource. However, according to UNO, 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe water and sanitation. The 22nd of March marks World Water Day to raise awareness about the importance of water, and Kao joins this valuable message.


Winners of the "Fragrance Creativity Awards"

Our perfumers Maria del Aguila and Shoichi Tahara were awarded in two out of three categories in the “Fragrances Creativity Awards” organized by Detex congress for the Air and Floor Freshener applications with second and first position respectively. After months of planning and collaborative work, this new is well deserved.

The NEW Laundry Care Enhancer TETRANYL L15-85E

KAO’s new technology to formulate water-based clear softeners —and its additional benefits make it a true Laundry Care Enhancer. All that with a touch of the fragrances created by KAO


Discover our solution portfolio. Created to respond to market needs and provide new forms of value to products that embody innovation and environmental awareness.

Sustainability report

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What we stand for: Kao’s response to COVID-19

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