Enhancing end product’s quality of granular, prilled and powder fertilizer.


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Kao Chemicals provides a wide range of products from its Skin Care business area. Beauty products dedicated to skin care are key to keep the largest part of our bodies healthy and hydrated.

AKYPO SUGAR LM 42 | Mild, Performing and Sustainable surfactant for cleansing formulations

Kao Chemicals presents its new mild, natural and versatile surfactant with superior foam.

Kao Is Expanding Its Synthetic Fragrance Production Facilities in Spain

Kao Corporation is aiming to maintain and expand its market share in the European market for methyl dihydrojasmonate* (MDJ), a synthetic fragrance, where Kao is already the EU market leader, by expanding the production facilities at the Olesa Plant of Kao Chemicals Europe in Spain.

Contributing with circular economy with new paving made from toner residue in Barcelona

This week we appeared in media after the successful application of asphalt pavement made with DANOX PT-FR. 

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What we stand for: Kao’s response to COVID-19

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