Non-Financial Report 2022
The Kao Chemicals Non-financial Report provides an insight into our company´s progress towards a sustainable development.
Hiromitsu Hoshikawa

In 2023, KCE reinforced its commitment to continue pursuing sustainability as part of the Global Kao Vision "Sustainability as the only path”

Hiromitsu Hoshikawa
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Strategies for the organization

  • Geographic expansion

    Geographic expansion

    Strengthen core growth and accelerate business expansion in new areas, optimising the management of our distribution channels.

  • Strengthen and accelerate business development

    Strengthen and accelerate business development

    Through mergers and acquisitions and external collaboration and cooperation.

  • Product portfolio management

    Product portfolio management

    Actively develop solutions and materials with high environmental and social value.

  • Accelerate digital transformation

    Accelerate digital transformation

    Innovating through the active adoption of digital technologies and improving customer interactions and communication.

Our contribution towards sustainability