Non-Financial Report 2022
The Kao Chemicals Non-financial Report provides an insight into our company´s progress towards a sustainable development.
Daisuke Hamada

In 2022, Kao Chemicals Europe has accelerated the design of green products through sustainable production processes.

Daisuke Hamada
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Objectives and strategies of the organization

  • Fostering a distinctive corporate image

    Fostering a distinctive corporate image

    Become a company focused on the needs of the client.

  • Profitable growth

    Profitable growth

    Net sales CAGR of more than 25%.

  • Maximizing returns to stakeholders

    Maximizing returns to stakeholders

    Employees: through an adequate remuneration system, benefit sharing and health support.

    Customers: maximizing win-win relationships.

    Society: continuing the promotion a framework of relationships with stakeholders.

Our contribution towards sustainability