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A wide variety of hair, skin and oral care formulations that combine technical expertise with Kao’s exceptional fragrance know-how. Explore our line of surfactant ingredients, including those in skincare, and discover how our formulations redefine standards in the personal care chemicals industry.

Personal Care

Our applications for personal care

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and overall well-being, Kao Chemicals Europe's personal care experts are at the forefront of new developments in surfactants. Surfactant properties such as origin, natural content, mildness, foaming, conditioning performance and stability are fundamentally considered in our approach. 

In alignment with market trends, our portfolio caters to the evolving needs of the personal care industry. Kao Chemicals Europe offers an extensive range of cosmetic ingredients tailored for hair care, skin care and oral care. Within our portfolio, you'll find an array of mild surfactants, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, foam boosters, pearling agents, emulsifiers, emollients, and various other ingredients. These components empower formulators to craft innovative solutions and design formulations that resonate with the current trends of the personal care market.

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