Hair Care

Hair is one of the most important elements of personal image. Often, styling trends cause hair to undergo strong physical and chemical treatments that can cause damage. Kao’s portfolio includes a variety of ingredients to maintain hair in a controlled and desirable manner. Products for hair care include ingredients needed to develop mild shampoos for different hair types, cationic surfactants to obtain a wide range of conditioners, ingredients needed for leave-on serums, strong, effective conditioning treatments and mild surfactants for hair coloration and protection solutions, additives that provide heat protection, as well as many other innovative solutions for hair care applications.

Hair care
Conventional Cleansing
Just Traditional Cleansing
Mild Surfactants
Stay Safe While Cleansing
Foam Boosters
Enjoy a Rich Foam

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Conditioning agents
Take Care of Your Hair
Rheology modifiers
Modify the Viscosity

Highlight products

Clear & Transparent
Give it a Shine
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Hair Conditioners
Hair Conditioning agents
​Boosting Conditioning Performance
Silicone boosters
Silicone Feel
Consistency agents
Modify Rheology
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Hair Coloration
Colour protection
Take Care of your Hair
Oxidative coloration
Forget Grey Hair
Non-Permanent coloration
Because colour matters
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Hair Styling
Heat protection
Avoid Damaged Hair
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Beard care
Men also like Cosmetics. For a Better Beard
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