Oleochemicals Solutions

Developing oleochemicals derivatives crafted to elevate the performance of the personal care, hygiene and fabric softener products available in the market.


Our applications for oleochemicals

The Oleochemicals division at Kao is a specialized unit dedicated to the advancement of a diverse range of products, predominantly encompassing fatty alcohols and fatty amines.

Our fatty alcohols find direct use in formulations for personal care and hygiene products. Alternatively, they play a crucial role as intermediate products in diverse applications, demonstrating their adaptability in meeting specific industry needs.

Within our oleochemicals portfolio, the amines may be primary, secondary, tertiary, diamines or polyamines. The versatility of primary and secondary amines extends to applications in mineral flotation and fertilizers, although they usually are used as intermediate products that are ethoxylated, acidulated or quaternized for use as emulsifiers, dispersing agents and anti-static agents in various industrial applications.

Diamines and polyamines are used as corrosion inhibitors or adhesivity activators in asphalt emulsions, and also as intermediate products or, in the form of salts, as pigment dispersants.

Tertiary amines are worth noting as they are always used as intermediate products which, after being quaternized, oxidized or carboxymethylated, transform into a wide range of surfactants.  These surfactants are integral to diverse applications, including but not limited to hair conditioners, disinfectants, wood-preserving agents, stabilizers in extreme pH conditions, production of organophilic bentonites, and fabric softeners.

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