Printing Chemicals Solutions

From advanced inks, to toners, resins and pigment dispersions of superior quality, Kao is at the forefront of innovation in chemical solutions for the printing industry.


Our applications for printing

In a world that is increasingly digital it could seem that print would take a backseat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Printing works closely with digital information and is now an important way to translate ideas into the physical world. 

For 40 years, Kao has been at the forefront of developing products for the printing industry, aimed at enhancing efficiency and promoting ecological sustainability. Our commitment to innovation has paved the way for advancements in various printing processes, including paint printing, screen printing chemicals, photo printing chemicals, and photographic printing and chemical processing.

As leading suppliers in the field, Kao is dedicated to providing high-quality printing chemicals, including those used in printing presses, screen printing, textile printing, and more. Discover the Kao way of revolutionizing printing processes and find the perfect solutions for your printing endeavors.

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