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Press Releases
Quad Chemical Corporation and Kao Chemicals Europe reach distribution agreement for high performance fertilizer coating additives for the US market.

QUAD CHEMICAL CORPORATION announces that it has entered into a partnership with KAO CHEMICALS EUROPE to create and develop a market within the United States for KAO´s high performance fertilizer coating additives.

Low and High Foaming solutions for Home Care

Home Care sector needs to innovate and move towards more sustainable solutions.

KAO Chemicals Europe and ChemPoint reach distribution agreement in the United States

Innovative digital approach and service-driven platforms will help to enhance the experience for U.S. customers.

KAO Chemicals continues to manufacture and sell high-performance fertilizer coating additives

Kao Chemicals fertilizers additives are specially formulated for all types of fertilizers, such as AN, CAN, MAP, DAP, TSP, AS, NPK blends, Urea, UAN and MOP.

Its SK FERT® and URESOFT® branded additives are trusted by the world’s top fertilizer producers.