Press Releases

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Press Releases
Kao Is Expanding Its Synthetic Fragrance Production Facilities in Spain

Kao Corporation is aiming to maintain and expand its market share in the European market for methyl dihydrojasmonate* (MDJ), a synthetic fragrance, where Kao is already the EU market leader, by expanding the production facilities at the Olesa Plant of Kao Chemicals Europe in Spain.

The NEW Laundry Care Enhancer TETRANYL L15-85E

KAO’s new technology to formulate water-based clear softeners —and its additional benefits make it a true Laundry Care Enhancer. All that with a touch of the fragrances created by KAO

Winners of the "Fragrance Creativity Awards"

Our perfumers Maria del Aguila and Shoichi Tahara were awarded in two out of three categories in the “Fragrances Creativity Awards” organized by Detex congress for the Air and Floor Freshener applications with second and first position respectively. After months of planning and collaborative work, this new is well deserved.

Kao Brazil celebrates its 10th anniversary

Kao Brazil was founded on 16 April 2012 with the purpose of providing Kao Chemical’s customers in the region with technical assistance and warehousing while simultaneously developing more applications for the company’s Chemical Business Unit.