Mineral Flotation Solutions

Enhancing mineral flotation: optimizing yields and improving purity with cost-effective solutions for the global mining industry.


Our product applications for mineral flotation

Kao can significantly enhance the efficiency of the mineral flotation process, specifically in solid-solid mining operations. This improvement in efficiency is directly dependent on the selectivity of collectors for fine particle components present in the overall mixture of particles. Kao’s collectors selectively control and boost the enrichment of targeted components in water-based systems for both direct and reverse mineral flotation processes. 

With experience and proven results worldwide, Kao’s expertise has long contributed to the optimization and yield improvement of mineral purification in the floatation industry. This contribution is realized through a meticulous analysis of the ore's nature and characteristics.

At the core of our solutions for this industry is the DANOX FL range, leveraging the unique properties that address challenges related to foam control, mineral selectivity, and recovery. Led by our Research and Development expertise, Kao provides cost-effective solutions that challenge foam control, mineral selectivity and recovery. Beyond collector additives for Potash, Feldspar, Phosphates, and Iron Oxide, our technology extends to include co-collectors, foam controllers, frothers, and extenders.

Watch the video below to learn more about our cost-effective techniques and solutions for yield optimization and purity in the global mining sector.

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