Mineral Flotation

Optimizing yields and improving purity with cost-effective solutions for the global mining industry.

Mineral  Floatation

Our applications

Kao can significantly improve the collection of raw minerals obtained through solid-solid mining. This improvement in efficiency is directly dependent on the selectivity of collectors for fine particle components present in the overall mixture of particles. Kao’s collectors  selectively controll and boost the enrichment of targeted components in water-based systems for both direct and reverse floatation processes. 

With great experience and validated results worldwide, Kao’s expertise has long been contributing to the optimization and yield improvement of mineral purification in the floatation industry after analyzing the nature of an ore. 
Thanks to properties of the DANOX FL range, Kao, led by R&D expertise, provides cost/performance solutions that challeng foam control, mineral selectivity and recovery. Apart from collector additives for potash, feldspar, phosphates and iron oxide, Kao technology also includes co-collectors, foam controllers, frothers and extenders.

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