Fragrance Chemicals

Scientifically developed for the highest purity and quality, Kao Chemicals’ Fragrances & Aroma ingredients are the foundation of exceptional products and experiences.

Fragances & Aromas

Fragrance ingredients

Kao Chemicals strives to improve industry practices by applying safe and smart chemistry in harmony with the environment, actively promoting the use of biodegradable ingredients from renewable sources and alternative technologies for delivering fragrances with a long-lasting and sustainable effect. 

We provide the sensory foundations for some of the word’s most unique perfumes. 

With a broad portfolio of scents in our fragrance compositions, we merge the use of active ingredients present in nature, using the most advanced technologies. Fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils, are blended by our team of experienced perfumers and are brought to life to conscientious science that honours nature and life cycle thinking. 

Watch the videos below to learn more about our fragrance solutions with Maria del Águila, one of our perfumers, and with Shouichi Tahara and Myriam Zamora, R&D perfumery manager and sub manager.

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