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Press Releases
KAO Chemicals continues to manufacture and sell high-performance fertilizer coating additives

Kao Chemicals fertilizers additives are specially formulated for all types of fertilizers, such as AN, CAN, MAP, DAP, TSP, AS, NPK blends, Urea, UAN and MOP.

Its SK FERT® and URESOFT® branded additives are trusted by the world’s top fertilizer producers.

Kao included in the World's most ethical companies list for a record 15th consecutive year

Tokyo, February 23, 2021 The Enthisphere Institute, a leading US think-tank, has named the Kao Corporation one of the World's Most Ethical Companies.

Additive brands AKYPO, AKYPO ROX, KAO FINDET, AMIDET and FOSFODET, provides key surfactant technology for modern Metal Working Fluid

Kao Chemicals Europe provides key surfactant technology for modern metalworking formulations that are vital for water miscible fluids. Our additive brands AKYPO, AKYPO ROX, KAO FINDET, AMIDET and FOSFODET include these primary properties.

Highly Durable Asphalt Modifier Made from Waste PET Developed at Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation ("Kao") developed NEWTLAC 5000, an asphalt modifier made from discarded PET materials (waste PET) through proprietary processing.