Skin Care

Skin is the largest part of the body and requires constant care. A healthy skin surface shows a smooth, soft and firm appearance because it is properly hydrated. Skin care cosmetics are essential to keep skin in desired and healthy conditions. 

Surfactants are essential for the formulation of skin care cosmetics. They play different roles, such as cleansing, emulsifying, solubilizing or moisturizing, among others. Kao Chemicals Europe offers a wide range of ingredients which provide mild and safe cleansing while preserving and helping keep the skin moist. Emulsifiers, moisturizers, and rheological modifiers are also part of our portfolio.

Skin care
Body Cleansers
Conventional Cleansing
Just Traditional Cleansing
Mild Surfactants
Stay Safe While Cleansing
Foam Boosters
Enjoy a Rich Foam

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Clear & Transparent
Rheology modifiers
Modify the Viscosity

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Give it a Shine
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Face cleansing
Mild and Effective
Make-up remover
Take Away Your Daily Make-up
Remove Challenging Make-up
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Body care emulsions & Cream
Emollients & Moisturizers
Your Skin First

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​ Create New Textures

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Consistency agents
Modify Rheology
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Sun Care
UV filters solubilizers
Protecting Your Hair
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Pigments dispersion
Make it Simple and Beautiful
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