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Industrial Fluids & Lubricants IST Magazine | Surfactant Class With Multifunctional Properties october, 2023

Kao Chemicals is a major global supplier of alkyl ethercarboxylic acids (AKYPO®). The usage of these derivatives spans from home care and technical applications to the cleaning industry.

In the following article alkyl ethercarboxylic acids are described. These type of anionic surfactants show versatile physico-chemical properties especially for cleaning applications. AKYPO®s are multifunctional molecules with good solubilizing properties, so the formulator could work with a clear formulation at higher temperatures. Additionally, they enhance the physico-chemical properties of the formulation, like anti corrosion properties, enhanced electrolyte stability and lime soap dispersing power. Beside these improvements, AKYPO®s are enhancing the cleaning efficiency of the formulation especially against soils containing solid particles.

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Industrial Fluids & Lubricants TLT | Solutions to Overcome Today’s Formulation Hurdles for Light Metal and Multi-Metal Metalworking Fluids october, 2022

Have a look to our latest publication in TLT Magazine to find out more about our solutions for the Metalworking industry.

This article will guide you through the KAO Metalworking Toolbox and the benefits of using KAO additives for light metal (nonferrous) and multi-metal formulations, with a special focus on how AKYPO (ether carboxylic acid) and FOSFODET (low-foam ing phosphate ester) support corrosion and stain - ing inhibition. All these findings share the goal of achieving low-foaming, environmentally friendly and sustainable formulations...

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Fragrances Exploring Sustainability Claims: Biodegradable Fragrances october, 2022

Great article of our colleagues Marta Pájaro and Alberto Stampa published in SOFW Journal issue 10/22.

Sustainability claims are constantly increasing in market demand. In the industrial world in which we live, all sectors must work in order to avoid the accumulation of substances in the environment, so that it can be preserved, and biodegradation is the only way that we can use to assure it.

Kao Chemicals Europe is investigating  what should be taken into account to create biodegradable fragrances.  After instensive research, some great results came up...

Do you want to know more? We encourage you to read the full interesting article and find out more.

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Laundry & Cleaning HPC Today | Addressing sustainability with waterless formats in Home Care products september, 2022

Read deeply our latest article published in HPC Today Magazine issue 5-2022  to find out more about sustainable ways to bring more respectful products to meet both, society demands in Home Care and green transition. 

As wastefree lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, demand on innovative eco friendly solutions are also raising. Commited to the green transition and the European Green Deal, waterless formulations are a clear example... 

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