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Laundry & Cleaning HPC Today | Addressing sustainability with waterless formats in Home Care products september, 2022

Read deeply our latest article published in HPC Today Magazine issue 5-2022  to find out more about sustainable ways to bring more respectful products to meet both, society demands in Home Care and green transition. 

As wastefree lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, demand on innovative eco friendly solutions are also raising. Commited to the green transition and the European Green Deal, waterless formulations are a clear example... 

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Personal Care SOFW JOURNAL | Japanese Facial Skin Care Routine september, 2022

Find our latest article published in SOFW Journal issue 9-2022.  

In this paper you will discover the secrets to achieve soft and healthy-looking facial skin made by Kao's active ingredients.

Our proposed skin care ritual, inspired in Japanese daily routines, is based on the use of selective cleansing formulations followed by the application of nourishing treatments to provide to the skin the necessary cleansing-hydrating balance daily. 

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Asphalts TRASUTRA | Ultra-thin mixtures made with additives july, 2022

TRASUTRA (Surface treatments for quick open to traffic) are an excellent solution to renew the surface properties of pavements. The European regulation UNE-EN 13108-9 allows combining different requirements and select categories for different properties.

In this article you will find out more about the used criteria to formulate ultra-thin mix technology as well as the lab test results...


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Personal Care KAO Ingredients for a 4-steps Japanese Skincare Routine march, 2022

This article presents 4 high quality products made by Kao's active ingredients putted all together creating a Japanese Skincare Routine perfect for a good cleanse and moisture of the skin.

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