HPC Today | Addressing sustainability with waterless formats in Home Care products

Read deeply our latest article published in HPC Today Magazine issue 5-2022  to find out more about sustainable ways to bring more respectful products to meet both, society demands in Home Care and green transition. 

As wastefree lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, demand on innovative eco friendly solutions are also raising. Commited to the green transition and the European Green Deal, waterless formulations are a clear example of sustainable formats that cut back on single-use plastics and CO2 emissions due to transport savings. Being surfactants the key ingredients in the formulation of superconcentrated waterless formulations, extensive research has been made around the phase behaviour of highly concentrated surfactant systems and the mechanisms behind aggregation processes, to select the best surfactant components that enable not only to meet the formulative requirements of hard surface and hand dishwashing cleaning compositions (stability, appearance, viscosity, etc.) but also to provide the excellent performance consumers are looking for.

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