Fabric softener - 12% concentration D-117

Transform your product line with our fabric softener with 12% concentration. Our eco-friendly, biodegradable formulation offers a perfect balance between sustainability and performance. This domestic fabric softener enhances rewet ability, revitalizing fabrics and making them feel new. It exhibits superior anti-static effects, especially on synthetic fabrics, adding a touch of luxury to everyday essentials. Suitable for processing temperatures between 40ºC and 50ºC, our fabric softener provides optimal results. Let's reshape fabric care together with our exceptional formula.

Main properties:

Domestic fabric softener
Ecological and biodegradable product
Good rewet ability
Anti-static effect, especially on synthetic fabrics
Process temperature between 40ºC and 50ºC approx. 


Fabric Softener

Ecological and biodegradable cationic surfactant for fabric softeners. Anti-static and softening effect.

Laundry Care
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