Kitchen degreaser - Spray D-209

Boost your offerings with our advanced kitchen degreaser spray formulation. Expertly designed to tackle the most stubborn grease, this innovative formulation is your ticket to impeccable cleanliness. It's primed for removing dirt from machinery and industrial kitchens, providing a thorough, top-notch solution. Our formulation is intended for direct application, without the need for dilution, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use. Take your product line to the next level with our Kitchen Degreaser Spray formulation - the key to immaculate, high-performing industrial kitchens.

Main properties:

Advanced formulation for the most stubborn grease
Designed to remove dirt from machinery and industrial kitchens
Application as it is (not diluted) 


Kitchen Cleaner

Low foaming surfactant with excellent physico-chemical stability. Efficient cleaning.

Hard Surface Cleaners Industrial Cleaning Institutional Cleaning Car Care Food & Beverage Cleaning
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Non-ionic surfactant used as emulsifier and detergent.

Metal Cleaning Hard Surface Cleaners
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