Clear Softener, Laundry Care Enhancer

KAO’s new technology to formulate water-based clear softeners —and its additional benefits make it a real Laundry Care Enhancer. All that with a touch of the fragrances created by KAO


TETRANYL L15-85E brings additional new fabric care attributes to the final formulation making it an innovative Laundry Care Enhancer.

Additionally, the design of Fragrances is conditioned to keep the clear appearance while delivering the maximum performance. And it is extremely important to understand the interaction between these and the surfactants base.

Unlike other esterquats, TETRANYL L15-85E can be easily diluted in water, making it possible to obtain a transparent appearance in its final formulation. The fact that it maintains the original hydrophilic characteristics of cotton fabrics means that it delivers the comfortable sensation of natural and untreated clothes combined with great softness and a pleasant smell.

Tetranyl L15-85E Clear softener, Laundry Care Enhancer
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