We launch fast, comfortable and safe solutions for road maintenance

We launch fast, comfortable and safe solutions for road maintenance

From Kao Chemicals Europe we have developed Trasut-ra, a new ultra-thin bituminous mixture (less than 1 cm) for correcting and maintaining the tread layer. It is an easy, fast application solution that allows the quick reopening of traffic routes, within 15-30 minutes of application.

At the same time, Trasut-ra provides maximum safety guarantees, since it corrects rut problems, increases the coefficient of friction and reduces the International Regularity Index (IRI).

The application of Trasut-ra has numerous advantages: it does not require special machinery, it is compatible with crumb rubber and RAP, can be used on concrete paving and it can be applied day or night.

It also allows for the optimal performance, since, in addition to improvements in friction, it corrects irregularities in the asphalt, minimises tendencies towards cracking and permeability, protects under layers and reduces permanent deformation.

Asphalt performance optimization

Trasut-ra is a treatment based on the modification of binder to optimize asphalt performance. Kao's additives improve the properties of the mixture: providing more time to compact the mixture, increasing modulus at the service temperature and giving greater flexibility at very low temperature.

In short, Trasut-ra is an ultra-effective and ultra-thin solution that allows the fast, effective and safe correction of road.

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