Make visible the invisible | DRY TONER

Water is our most precious resource. However, according to UNO, 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe water and sanitation. The 22nd of March marks World Water Day to raise awareness about the importance of water, and Kao joins this valuable message.


In industry there is also growing recognition of water-saving. Manufacturing processes aim to be less “water dependent” and consumers show increasing interest in new products with low and even zero water content. Industry should also emphasize existing water-free solutions, like pulverized toner for printing and Kao’s considerable role.


Kao manufactures polyester resins and pulverized toner for the printing industry. Because of its waterless content, pulverized toner is a great choice for those users committed to using water responsibly. However, many people may not know that toner reduces water consumption in another important stage too: paper recycling.


During paper recycling, the deinking process consists of removing the printed areas to obtain clean paper pulp to create new paper. In this step, a substantial amount of water is used and not all consumables perform this process in the same way. Fortunately, pulverized toner boasts great results after the deinking process and reduces water use.


Our presence has an impact on water consumption. As consumers, it is our responsibility to reduce our Water Footprint in our daily activities. When it comes to printing, pulverized toner helps to reduce water consumption in more ways than it may seem at a first sight. We are proud to be engaged in water saving thanks to Kao’s solutions for electrophotography in our Kirei lifestyle.