Technical information

Chemical family

Short alkyl chain ether carboxylic acid


  • Specialty Cleaning


AKYPO LF types in general already improves the rinsing of the emulsion from the metal surface. As part of a (metal) cleaner it will also support the soil dispersing. AKYPO LF types are usually combined with EO-PO based non-ionics. The hydrotropic properties of AKYPO LF 4 will help to make a stable formulation in acid , alkaline and/or high electrolyte circumstances. AKYPO LF 4 has a short alkyl chain (C6-8) and moderate to high degree of ethoxylation; very good acid stability, good alkaline and electrolyte stability


  • Solubilizer
  • Stabilizer
  • Electrolyte stability
  • Water hardness stability
  • Soil dispersing properties
  • Foam control
  • Rinsing and cleaning
  • Chemical stability
  • Hydrotropic

Regional Availability

EMEA, Asia, LATAM, America


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