Kao Chemicals Europe is one of the biggest producers of cationic surfactants world-wide.

TETRANYL® is the registered trademark for a group of these cationic surfactants, characterised by their unique ecological profile. These surfactants are commonly known in the market as TEA-Esterquats and are mainly used in the production of domestic softeners.

Kao Chemicals Europe has two different production plants for these products in Spain, both located near Barcelona, and one production plant in Mexico. From these plants exports to more than 80 countries.

The fats and oils used to produce these products can be both, animal or vegetable origin. The length of the alkyl chains composing the original fats and their degree of non-saturated chains, together with the esterification degree are the parameters influencing the final softening performance as well as the final characteristics of the softener.

TETRANYL® range offers the possibility to formulate diluted or concentrated softener, to formulate at low temperature or to choose between vegetable and animal origin product. Also non-flammable TETRANYL® is available.