Conditioning Shampoo - Natural Hair C-160 C-160

Introducing our conditioning shampoo, natural hair formulation, a harmonious blend of care and cleansing. Specially formulated for normal hair, our product leaves hair easier to comb and manage. Its highly foaming nature ensures a luxurious lather, delivering a thorough cleanse every time. The very mild formulation ensures gentle care for hair and scalp. Ideal for businesses aiming to deliver top-tier chemical products for their manufacturing processes.

Main properties:

Shampoo for normal hair

Hair becomes easier to combine

Highly foaming

Very mild formulation


Conditioning "2 in 1"

Mild rapid foam-booster with improved foam behaviour.

Mild Surfactants Face cleansing
AKYPO FOAM RL 40 information

Non ionic surfactant with anti-static and conditioning effect. Suitable for colour protection shampoos. It can be used in EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certifications.

Conditioning agents Hair Conditioning agents Colour protection Oxidative coloration Non-Permanent coloration Emollients & Moisturizers Emulsifiers
AMIDET APA-22 information

Mild thickener and foam booster amphoteric co-surfactant.

Foam Boosters
BETADET SHR information

High purity pearling agent, that can be easily dispersed in surfactant mixtures at room temperature. Its use, even at very low concentration (2-10%), allows to obtain final products with a very nice pearled appearance and stable.

DANOX PL-10 information

Primary anionic surfactant with good foaming and thickening properties.

Conventional Cleansing
EMAL 270D information