Dog Shampoo C-173

Boost your production with our innovative dog shampoo formulation. Witness the finesse of our clear or pearled formulation, developed to accommodate all fur types. Offering superior cleansing ability, our scientifically designed shampoo effortlessly removes grime, ensuring a pristine coat. Featuring excellent foam ability, it guarantees an enhanced bathing experience and seamless application. Enhance your product line with our pioneering Dog Shampoo formulation.

Main properties:

Clear or pearled formulation

Good cleansing ability

Good foam ability


Pet Shampoo

Mild rapid foam-booster with improved foam behaviour.

Mild Surfactants Face cleansing
AKYPO FOAM RL 40 information

Liquid non-ionic surfactant with good thickening and emulsifying properties.

Foam Boosters Rheology modifiers Solubilizers Oxidative coloration Emulsifiers
AMIDET N information

Primary anionic surfactant with good foaming and thickening properties.

Conventional Cleansing
EMAL 270D information

Vegetable origin non-Ionic liquid surfactant with with good hydrotropic and high foaming properties in presence of oils.

Foam Boosters Emulsifiers Face cleansing Make-up remover Water-proof
EMANON EV-E information